Drummer and Producer for Kung Fu Vampire, Jazz Mafia and WolfHawkJaguar.Recording, Mixing and Mastering Engineer for artists such as Kamaiyah, AP.9, Kreyshawn, Shock G, Mistah F.A.B. and many others. Recently his other band WolfHawkJaguar toured S. Africa along side Roots2000. In recent years Paxton has been performing internationally at venues such as the Olufin Oduduwa Palace (Nigeria), Pepsi Amphitheater (Flagstaff), The Key Club (LA), Great American Music Hall (SF), Electric Factory(Philadelphia) and Rialto Theater(AZ). He has been on 11 International tours over the past 7 years. Other notable gigs include festivals such as the Burning Man, Eclipse, Gathering of the Juggalos and Symbiosis.
In October 2004 Paxton opened Nexus Audio Recording Studio in Oakland, CA. He has worked with artists Indie and Major, spanning all genres and has become an integral part of the Bay Area music scene. Some of the most notable music recorded and mixed to date is UMG recording artist Kamaiyah album “A Good Night In The Ghetto“Hands Up” and Kreayshawn “Gucci, Gucci”.
Paxton’s actions display versatility and commitment to the growth of music. You can tell this young man is well rounded, road tested, and able to take on responsibilities that lie ahead. His knowledge of sound engineering, technology, blended with precision drumming truly make him an unstoppable musical force.