Good Over Evil (feat. Bobby Tenna)

Good Over Evil (feat. Bobby Tenna)

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Good Over Evil is the most recent creation by Chris Paxton. It features long time musical collaborator, Bobby Tenna. This is the first track they have done together incorporating a mixture of Roots, Dub, Raggamuffin and American Grime. This song captures the determination of peaceful warriors everywhere to persevere in the face of down-pressure, and encourages them to keep fighting, despite the roadblocks thrown up by negative forces. Available everywhere music is sold April 21st 2017!

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Reserved For Primates

Tomorrow, October 25, the independent producer Chris Paxton will release his latest studio endeavor, a single entitled ‘Reserved For Primates.’ The effort, which marks Paxton’s sophomore release as a solo artist, is an eclectic excursion through tactful and fascinating electronic dance music that experiments with futuristic and progressive house stylings.

Even though ‘Reserved For Primates’ is Paxton’s second solo release, he’s certainly no stranger to the independent music industry. In fact, he’s a veteran of the community and has remained active and prolific for over sixteen years. Paxton has been lauded for his work as a drummer and in the last several years he has cut his teeth mastering and engineering other’s music. Thus, Paxton is a versatile musician throughout all aspects of the creative process.

Always collaborating with new artists, Paxton is currently touring with two different bands. He has recently taken the stage at the Burning Man and Symbiosis festivals, and he can be found performing with the traveling Lagunitas Beer Circus throughout the rest of October. In his new solo project, the performer aspires to craft a live experience that fully integrates all of his talents: drumming, performance, lights, and igniting the dance floor.

‘Reserved For Primates’ will hit all major digital music platforms tomorrow on October 25 via CD Baby distribution. Hence, the track will be available on all streaming services like Apple Music and Spotify and shops such Amazon and iTunes!

March of the Tulips

Many of you know me from playing drums in various bands or creating recording masterpieces for other Artists. I’ve finally reached a point in my career where I want to make art that is 100% crafted by myself. March of the Tulips is the first song I am presenting to the world as a solo musician! It took me almost a year to complete, mainly because of my pursuit of perfection. The song is filled with lush melodic landscapes and powerful rhythm sections, bridging the energy and stamina of “traditional” musicianship with the eclectic attitude and virtually endless creative possibilities of the electronic medium. I encourage all of my friends, family and fans to take a listen. I promise it wont take another year to release more music 🙂

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– Chris Paxton


Welcome To The Underground

I’m back out on the road! After having such a successful tour with Twiztid last Spring they asked me to be their sound tech for the Welcome to the Underground Tour. It’s a new and exciting experience just doing sound and not having my drums with me! I must admit I do miss drumming but I have more time to hone my skills as a live sound engineer as well as write my own music. We will be performing in every corner of the USA over the next 5 weeks. Check out the show schedule and if I’m in your city make sure to come out and support these great artist as well as hang out with me. Take care, all you beautiful people!

Seeking the Unknown

There’s plenty to be said about the open road. You leave behind everything you love in search of the unknown. This unknown is what drives me through life, seeking answers, experiencing new places, meeting all walks of life; ultimately defining who I am as a person. Each human should have the courage to break from monotony and step outside their comfort zone to grow themselves as an individual. During this growth one must remember to reciprocate the knowledge they gain. Take the good things you learn and share them with others along the way so humanity can rise collectively. When you look at your experiences on a situation to situation basis you will begin to value even the most dull conversation or bland landscape and realize there is something to always learn or teach.

– Chris Paxton

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