This Way To Hell Tour

It’s been ten days since the #ThisWayToHell began in Brantford, ON. So far my days have been filled with shows, working out the kinks of the show because of the ever increasing technology integration, eating, making new music and driving through the vast Canadian wilderness from one city to another all while not having internet/phone connection.


For the most part it is quite enjoyable not having the constant tether of my iPhone but when you need it it can be quite frustrating, like when you go the wrong way on a highway and have to backtrack 60 kilometers! It’s been gratifying playing new cities in a “foreign” country and having hundreds of fans show up. Even a large handful of them know all the lyrics to our songs! Besides the shows my highlight of this tour so far has been getting to visit Niagara Falls! If you haven’t had a chance to lay your eyes on this masterpiece of nature you need to put it on high on your bucket list.


Over the next 6 days Kung Fu Vampire and Twiztid will be hitting the remaining Canadian dates. We will be in Edmonton, Red Deer, Calgary, Vancouver, and Mission. Once we cross the American boarder PWD and Neurotic November  will be joining the tour line up. We will be starting our assault on the states September 28th at one of my favorite venues, El Corazon in Seattle Washington.


I have been slacking on putting up the tour dates this website but I will get around to it before the U.S.A portion begins. In the meantime check out the dates on or

Be good my people!


Road to the Gathering

On Tuesday 11pm we started our journey across the nation to Cave-In-Rock, Illinois. After 40 hours of traveling we are finally in Missouri, only 8 hours away from the fairgrounds were the 14th annual Gathering of the Juggalos will be held. Being on the road always has its trials and tribulations that need to be overcome. In situations where there are road blocks its important to single out the problem and fix it, immediately! It is easy to slip into a mind state where you start creating dilemmas that don’t even exist, only making you father from the original goal.
I’m happy to report that we are not stopping till we arrive at the Dark Carnival! Make sure to come out to the Freakshow tent 2 a.m Saturday Night/Sunday Morning and party with your favorite Vampires from the West Coast!

Drum Solo on The Mighty Death Pop Tour in Lancaster, PA

The Chameleon in Lancaster, PA was on FIRE May 7th 2013 for the ICP’s The Mighty Death Pop Tour also featuring the Moonshine Bandits and The Axe Murder Boyz. Here is a video clip of our song “Strangers” performed live by Kung Fu Vampire!

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