Welcome To The Underground

I’m back out on the road! After having such a successful tour with Twiztid last Spring they asked me to be their sound tech for the Welcome to the Underground Tour. It’s a new and exciting experience just doing sound and not having my drums with me! I must admit I do miss drumming but I have more time to hone my skills as a live sound engineer as well as write my own music. We will be performing in every corner of the USA over the next 5 weeks. Check out the show schedule and if I’m in your city make sure to come out and support these great artist as well as hang out with me. Take care, all you beautiful people!

Seeking the Unknown

There’s plenty to be said about the open road. You leave behind everything you love in search of the unknown. This unknown is what drives me through life, seeking answers, experiencing new places, meeting all walks of life; ultimately defining who I am as a person. Each human should have the courage to break from monotony and step outside their comfort zone to grow themselves as an individual. During this growth one must remember to reciprocate the knowledge they gain. Take the good things you learn and share them with others along the way so humanity can rise collectively. When you look at your experiences on a situation to situation basis you will begin to value even the most dull conversation or bland landscape and realize there is something to always learn or teach.

– Chris Paxton

This Way To Hell Tour

It’s been ten days since the #ThisWayToHell began in Brantford, ON. So far my days have been filled with shows, working out the kinks of the show because of the ever increasing technology integration, eating, making new music and driving through the vast Canadian wilderness from one city to another all while not having internet/phone connection.


For the most part it is quite enjoyable not having the constant tether of my iPhone but when you need it it can be quite frustrating, like when you go the wrong way on a highway and have to backtrack 60 kilometers! It’s been gratifying playing new cities in a “foreign” country and having hundreds of fans show up. Even a large handful of them know all the lyrics to our songs! Besides the shows my highlight of this tour so far has been getting to visit Niagara Falls! If you haven’t had a chance to lay your eyes on this masterpiece of nature you need to put it on high on your bucket list.


Over the next 6 days Kung Fu Vampire and Twiztid will be hitting the remaining Canadian dates. We will be in Edmonton, Red Deer, Calgary, Vancouver, and Mission. Once we cross the American boarder PWD and Neurotic November  will be joining the tour line up. We will be starting our assault on the states September 28th at one of my favorite venues, El Corazon in Seattle Washington.


I have been slacking on putting up the tour dates this website but I will get around to it before the U.S.A portion begins. In the meantime check out the dates on KungFuVampire.com or Twiztid.com

Be good my people!


Burning Man

After only five days home I am back out on the road. This time I am headed to burning man! I have the pleasure to share a stage with some very talented musicians from the Bay Area and Los Angeles. Check us out we are crossroads! If you are attending the burn this year come find us at 9 o’clock and keyhole. We put on a phenomenal show every night at 9 PM. This is the only camp you will see 20 live musicians all come together and make beautiful music. Burn on!

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