Love Bites Blog #4

It’s been a minute since I’ve found the drive to make a tour blog. Between driving 500+ miles a day, eating, promoting, moving in and out of hotels, setting up and tearing down gear not to mention bringing one of the most unforgettable performances on the road today, it’s difficult to find time to write. Each city is blended together because every city you do the same routine. It is those few moments where something happens out of the ordinary that the city really sticks in your mind. It could be talking to a very grateful fan such as Donnie from Pontiac, MI that had never heard us before but made sure to get her point across how much she enjoyed the show. Getting to explore a city like Chicago creates many great adventures but finding parking for a 20 foot vehicle is not an easy task. We decided to check out the “Beam” which isn’t a beam at all, It kinda looks look a giant polished jelly bean. At first it seemed like a silly thing to go on a trek for but once we found it we we’re able to understand the hype.

It gets harder by the day to summarize what we have been doing. This blog has taken me weeks to find the time to finish but I am determined to wrap it up tonight. The past few shows have been in smaller towns but don’t let the population fool you. Fans come from miles around and are some of the most hyped up, interesting people I’ve met yet on the tour. We went to an after party in Beardstown, Illinois where everyone was hanging around a gasoline fueled bonfire with personal liters of their booze of choice. I have never been around so many party animals at one time! Everyone stood around telling stories so epic one would think they were just made up!

Frankfurt, Indiana is another town that jumped off in its own way. We performed for everyone at an American Legion hall downtown. Before the show we received a copious Thanksgiving meal that truly hit the spot. For me Thanksgiving is about Family, Deviled Eggs and Pumpkin Pie. I got all three and I had the pleasure to perform with my bro’s for a hearty helping of dedicated KFV supporters. Besides the great food we received a bottle of Hennessy, 60+ cans of Faygo and decorated mask by the legend himself “BATMAN”

With less than ten shows remaining on the tour, I must remain focused on the goal. That is to bring a wickedly unforgettable show to people across the U.S.A, shake babies and kiss hands…or something like that! Check back soon for more updates from a drummers perspective of the Love Bites Tour!

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