Love Bites Tour Blog #1


…From the beginning of my musical journey I have always wanted to be in a band that traveled the world. What better way to gain life experiences than going from town to town with a group of close friends getting to meet all walks of life…

On October 18th Kung Fu Vampire kicked off the Love Bites tour which is our 8th tour in less than three years, our longest tour ever (47 days) and also one of the longest tours the independent HipHop scene has ever seen! We are showcasing many songs off our new album Love Bites. Kung Fu Vampire is a very efficient machine. We produced the album OURSELVES, mixed the album OURSELF, booked the tour OURSELVES, setting up the stage show OURSELVES. Joining us on tour we have Liquid Assassin, Mr. Grey and Freelance Assassins.

Going on tour has its pros and con’s. The sacrifices you need to make seem to never end for this lifestyle. It starts with massive amounts of time given to perfecting your craft then spending copious amounts of money to have the gear necessary to put on a compelling show. The time away from the people that are incremental to your life is one of the hardest sacrifices. In my case I have 45 days until I see my people again. I’ve done plenty of tours and time away from home so Im used to it but it still hurts twice as bad as any other sacrifice. By realizing the person waiting at home for you is sacrificing as well you hurt because you know you are putting them through something difficult.

There are many upsides to being on tour as well. Every day is a new adventure. You never know who you your going to meet, what accommodations the hotels will have or what lies on the road ahead. Getting to share your art with the world is the biggest payoff. It’s great meeting people that are genuinely stoked to have you in their city. It hasn’t happened on this tour yet but I am looking forward to getting some time to explore different cities hopefully getting shown around by locals to find all the dope hidden spots.

Oct. 19th we rocked Sutherlin Oregon at Brothers Bar. We were fortunate to have a very enthusiastic crowd ready to party hard. Mr. Grey started a mosh pit that erupted into a fight which ended in friendship. All the employees from the hospitable GuestHouse Hotel came out to watch the show. They are so cool, I recommend this hotel to any anyone passing through the area.

We are currently in transit to our next show going down TONIGHT at Malibu’s in Vancouver, WA. I will continuously update this blog with news, pictures and videos from the tour so make sure to check back often! As always please check out the tour schedule and come out to a show! If you can’t make it out make a friend go in your place, we are putting on a bad ass show and it should not be missed!


Till Next Time….

Chris Paxton



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