Love Bites Tour Blog #3


Every time we hop back in the van “Turn the Pagestarts playing in my head. The open road is a beautiful place but would be very lonely without the company of my bandmates. The stretch between Spokane and Missoula was only 217 miles which is a cake walk after being on the road for a week. Last time we played a show in Missoula was during the Medicine Bag Tour with ABK. That show was the coldest show on the tour but we still managed to turn the venue into a sweat lodge.

Oct. 25th we made our way to Casper, Wyoming where we were greeted by 23 degree weather and snow. The show was held in a makeshift venue in the local fairgrounds. Soon after arriving herds of people began showing up. It’s always mind blowing to be in a remote location and have 100+ people show up to watch you perform. I don’t care how cold it is outside, it made me feel warm inside. Casper has one of the most beautiful mountain ranges as their skyline. I’d like to think it’s this gorgeous in the summer time but as one of my Instagram followers mentioned, “Everything looks better covered with snow.”

Kung Fu and I have been under the weather the past few days so the motivation to blog and document the trip has fallen to the wayside. It’s hard to take care of yourself while traveling an average of 250 miles a day, being your own roadie, rocking a crowd, documenting the experience, having sincere conversations with people and running my recording studio remotely. Mr. Grey, Paul and Jeremy have stepped it up making sure we get to the next show on time and alive!

Oct 26th was in Rock Springs at the Broadway Theater. I must say this has got to be one of the most enthusiastic crowds so far. Anything the performers wanted the fans to do, they did without hesitation. A few tours back we were stranded in Rock Springs due to our vehicle breaking down. The people here were very friendly and did everything they could to get us back on the road, and for that we thank them.

Salt Lake City is like my second home while we are on the road. We have a strong fan base and even stronger family that always opens their doors to us while in town. The Love Bites tour merged with Andre Nickatina and Brotha Lynch creating a massive show. All the staff at The Complex was very friendly and professional. The hooked us up with earth shaking sound and a light show that you would only expect to see at Burning Man. As always we gained a ton of new fans and had a good amount of time to catch up with old friends.

Oct 28th we found ourselves in Colorado Springs. Right when we walked into the venue loads of locals were watching the Broncos stomp the Saints. I know football is a serious thing but the people at the venue (Union Station) were so into the game that our show got pushed back an hour. It’s all good because this turned into a very intimate show. I felt like I connected with the entire room and could feel the energy in the air. Aside from all the performances, people were gathered in memory of a fallen friend Rebecca. Emotions ran high and as an entertainer I wanted to make sure we observed this tragedy while giving people an outlet so for at least 45mins they wouldn’t have to think about their immediate problems. Our thoughts are with you.

Days off are rare on this tour so when you get them they are very memorable. Unfortunately the whole day was spent watching the destruction currently happening to the East Coast. We have a lot of Friends and Family that are all over the nation and just hope everyone makes it through this Natural Disaster without any permanent injuries. News report after news report kept coming in with negativity and fear embedded in the reporter’s undertone. It makes me sick to watch TV and see negative events exaggerated to the point where it seems the world is coming to an end. Thinking is the most powerful thing people can do. When you have the masses all thinking negatively it makes it impossible for good to happen. The energy generated just by your mind influences others around you and only you have the power to stop those thoughts. I’m constantly trying to spread the feeling of hope, peace and prosperity and hopefully enough of us will do the same so our world doesn’t slip to the dark side. As always thanks for checking out my blog, and fear not, there’s more to come soon!

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