March of the Tulips

Many of you know me from playing drums in various bands or creating recording masterpieces for other Artists. I’ve finally reached a point in my career where I want to make art that is 100% crafted by myself. March of the Tulips is the first song I am presenting to the world as a solo musician! It took me almost a year to complete, mainly because of my pursuit of perfection. The song is filled with lush melodic landscapes and powerful rhythm sections, bridging the energy and stamina of “traditional” musicianship with the eclectic attitude and virtually endless creative possibilities of the electronic medium. I encourage all of my friends, family and fans to take a listen. I promise it wont take another year to release more music 🙂

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– Chris Paxton


Welcome To The Underground

I’m back out on the road! After having such a successful tour with Twiztid last Spring they asked me to be their sound tech for the Welcome to the Underground Tour. It’s a new and exciting experience just doing sound and not having my drums with me! I must admit I do miss drumming but I have more time to hone my skills as a live sound engineer as well as write my own music. We will be performing in every corner of the USA over the next 5 weeks. Check out the show schedule and if I’m in your city make sure to come out and support these great artist as well as hang out with me. Take care, all you beautiful people!

Jazz Mafia and the Crossroads Collective in Oakland on 01/24/15

Kung Fu Vampire – The Hunger Pains Tour

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Kung Fu Vampire will be back out on the road March 18th 2014. The Hunger Pains Tour will be comprised of “3 Legs” to ensure we are able to reach every corner of the U.S and Canada. This is a Co-Headlining tour featuring Kung Fu Vampire and Wrekonize of ¡Mayday! If these strong acts from Stange Music and Mad Insainity are not enough to make you want to come to a show, the tour will also have performances by Battle Rap Legend, Dirtbag Dan as well as G-Mo Skee. If you would like to see this tour hit your city, tell the Promoters in your area know today!

Stay tuned for more tour news, videos and merch coming at you from Kung Fu Vampire

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