Drum Solo on The Mighty Death Pop Tour in Lancaster, PA

The Chameleon in Lancaster, PA was on FIRE May 7th 2013 for the ICP’s The Mighty Death Pop Tour also featuring the Moonshine Bandits and The Axe Murder Boyz. Here is a video clip of our song “Strangers” performed live by Kung Fu Vampire!

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Love Bites Tour Blog #2

Hey Everyone! We are back on the road after a successful night in Vancover, Washington. Fans came from all over Oregon and Washington to get a taste of the new album, Love Bites. The album releases worldwide on Oct. 31st Halloween but if you make your way to a show you can get it before it’s in stores. The opening acts were very eclectic, my favorite being a local 360 metal band, Unruly Instinct. It’s rare to have bands open for us so it’s a pleasant surprise when it happens.

Kung Fu Vampire fans are the most die-hard fans ever! Some shows we have people buy every CD and every shirt made. Last night we had an underage fan stand out in 40 degree, rainy weather for 8 hours just to hear our set.

While on tour it’s essential to always do a “Dummy Check” before leaving any location. It could be the difference between leaving a microphone at a venue or a toothbrush in a hotel or in our case today having your trailer come completely off your vehicle and rear end you, TWICE! Somehow, the bolt that holds the trailer hitch to the receiver ball failed causing to trailer to come free! It was very unexpected, but if we would have done our dummy check before departing we might have caught this before it happened. Thankfully no one was injured and the vehicle only suffered minor dents in the bumper. ALWAYS DUMMY CHECK!

Oct 21st was an all ages show in Tacoma, Washington at the Backstage Bar and Grill. The show got underway early in the afternoon to accommodate the eight opening acts. The NorthWest has some talented artists, my favorite being Justinsayne N8V who delivered a very rehearsed and passionate performance. You can check out his stuff at www.reverbnation.com/justinsaynen8v. After the show the promoters, LyonPride, invited the band to an after party. A handful of us went to go hang out. The party was decent but drastically overshadowed by the cab ride home. Daniel Sibbett, founder and driver of Aloha Cab “Tacoma’s Original Karaoke Cab”, came to pick us up from the party. Immediately he sang his theme song and soon after I was back up on stage singing “Because I Got High” by AfroMan. Daniel read me like a book as it was the perfect song to play in that moment. When we got back to the hotel we decided we were in need of food! We had almost two hours to kill before the free breakfast at the hotel so we headed to the casino across the street. As soon as we walked in I was asked to leave the premises or surrender my knife. I wasn’t about to give them my money AND my knife so we bullshitted with the security for a few minutes while we finished our free coffee.

Today, Oct 22nd, we headed to Spokane, Washington to throw down at The Hop. Our drive was smooth but we finally hit copious amounts of snow and rain. In the van you find all types of things to occupy your time. I personally like to catch up on emails, discover new technology, blog, eat, sleep, mess with sleeping people and listen to stand up comedy. After a quick setup and sound check the show was underway. Despite being a freezing Monday night there was an exceptional turn out! This city has many talented artists that I have had the pleasure to get to know a bit better. I got a lot of respect for Wildcard, Sikk Boy and Chop Meat Records for holding down the Underground scene in Spokane. We also have MAD respect for the Satellite Diner. For the past few days everyone has been talking about what they are going to eat when they get there. I ordered the Biscuit Stacker – a plate of cheesy hash browns with a biscuit filled with a sausage patty, egg and bacon covered in creamy gravy! So good!!!! I think we are going back for seconds….


Till next time people!!!


Chris Paxton


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